Social Responsibility and Sustainability


Get involved with social responsibility and sustainability while at the University.

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Quick tips for new students

Learn, volunteer and get support for your project ideas

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We support a range of research, teaching and training activities around social responsibility and sustainability-related issues.

Be part of the Sustainability Awards

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Students are central to the Sustainability Awards. Take part in the Student Residence Awards or volunteer.

Go zero carbon by 2040

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Join the drive for the University to become Zero by 2040! Learn how to save energy around the University, and even apply for funding for your own project to make the campus more sustainable.

Reduce, reuse, recycle

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Find out about how you can recycle using University bins, get on board with reusables, and learn about simple actions you can take to save paper.

Get involved with the local community

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Find out how you can have a positive impact on the surrounding Edinburgh community.

Buy responsibly

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What you buy sends ripples down the supply chain, affecting people's lives around the world.

Be sustainable in the lab

It's easy to make your lab more sustainable. Here are some things you can do right now.

Degrees, courses and pathways

The University offers a number of degrees and courses to develop students' knowledge, skills and experience, and to enable them to contribute effectively to tackling global challenges in Scotland and worldwide.

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