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'Be Sustainable' is a short online course that introduces you to some of the ways you can become more sustainable at the University of Edinburgh, and in your own life.


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This 30-minute online course covers key social responsibility and sustainability topics: Climate Change, Energy, Travel, Waste, Purchasing and Fair Trade, and Learning and Development.

In this course, you will:

  1. Be introduced to the context of social responsibility and sustainability at the University, and across the world
  2. Work through the key topic areas, in whichever order you like
  3. Answer quiz-style questions, watch related videos and have the opportunity to learn more
  4. Pick sustainable actions you would like to commit to, for each area, in order to help the University and yourself become more sustainable
  5. Receive your tailored action plan, delivered to your email inbox
  6. Have the opportunity to give feedback to help us make the course better

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This course was made by the University of Edinburgh's Department for Social Responsibility and Sustainability.

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