Social Responsibility and Sustainability

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We offer a range of in person training sessions which can be tailored to your place of work.

Be Sustainable: workshop

If you have completed the Be Sustainable online training and would like to discuss a particular topic in more depth, you can request a workshop for you and your staff or fellow students by emailing us. Workshops last for one hour and can be tailored to suit the requirements of attendees.

SRS Introduction for Professional Services Staff

This ½ day workshop is offered in conjunction with Human Resources as part of the Introduction for Professional Services Staff. Come along to this introductory event to learn more about our response and performance in relation to key issues such as as climate change, energy, resource efficiency, circular economy, Social Responsibility and Sustainability in supply chains, and responsible investment and how you can get involved in a range of programmes and initiatives. Meet other staff who are also interested in this topic and raise any questions or suggestions you may have.

Other Introductory sessions and training for SRS

The Department for SRS can offer other tailor made sessions to suit your department. We have carried out introductory sessions for Schools and Departments around the University and specific sessions for Heads of Schools.


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