Social Responsibility and Sustainability

Harness the University's research with the Living Lab approach

For us, treating the University as a Living Lab means using our own academic and student research capabilities to solve social responsibility and sustainability issues relating to our infrastructure and practices.

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Collaborative Living Lab projects can provide answers and guidance for operations and professional services staff.

Do you have a project idea related to your area of work that you could collaborate on with researchers and students?

Discuss your idea with your teams and managers, then get in touch with us so we can link you up to students or academics.

What makes a Living Lab project?

A Living Lab project should aim to:

  • Solve a real life problem
  • Be based on a partnership among key stakeholders, often crossing disciplinary and/or sectoral boundaries
  • Use existing and newly generated quantitative and qualitative data, embracing digital technologies where possible
  • Trial and test ideas in real life settings – to further refine solutions proposed
  • Share data and analysis generated openly, for the Living Lab to continue

Living Lab project checklist

If you’re working with SRS on a Living Lab project, please refer to this checklist.

More information

To learn more about how to carry out a Living Lab project, see our toolkit, and browse the research priorities for project ideas.

For further background on the Living Lab approach at the University, read our 2015 report completed by postgraduate student Patrycja Graczyk:


Read our Living Lab toolkit

Browse our Living Lab projects database

Get in touch

We invite interested academics, students and operational/professional services staff to get in touch if you are interested in working on Living Lab projects, or would like to share project ideas.

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