Social Responsibility and Sustainability

Funding and support for staff

Have an idea for a project for social responsibility and sustainability at the University? Explore opportunities to access funding and support for staff, including the Staff Project Grant, Sustainable Campus Fund, and ways to harness the University's research for positive change using the living lab approach.

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Apply for the Sustainable Campus Fund

Sustainable campus fund graphic - sustainable technologies  coming out of a box labelled 'Sustainable Campus Fund'
Do you have an idea for a sustainable project at the University? The Sustainable Campus Fund is a real opportunity for anyone in the University to propose projects that could reduce the University’s impact on the environment.

Apply for the Staff Project Grant

Planting cacti
Do you have an exciting and innovative idea to promote sustainability at the University? Big or small, if you think your idea could make a difference, our Department is offering grants of up to £500 to help make it a reality.

Harness the University's research with the Living Lab approach

LL SRS living lab architecture studio
For us, treating the University as a Living Lab means using our own academic and student research capabilities to solve social responsibility and sustainability issues relating to our infrastructure and practices.

Join our networks

If you're passionate about one or more areas of sustainability, you can build them into your work by becoming a social responsibility and sustainability champion:

Energy Coordinators Waste Coordinators Active Travel Champions Take part in the Sustainability Awards Academic Network