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The Office Awards are open to teams of any scale – from a single office to an entire department, building or school.


It is up to individual teams to decide at what scale to participate. The criteria were initially designed for office-based spaces, but they are flexible and can be adapted to fit most areas of the University. Past participants include an art studio and the University gym!

New teams can work towards bronze or silver level in their first year.

Office Awards participants are part of a community of over 200 staff and students who are making a difference at the University and beyond. Every year, teams make a significant impact by finding new ways to conserve resources, save energy, fundraise for good causes and build links with the local community.

Taking part in the 2020/2021 Office Awards

With the majority of staff continuing to work from home, this year's Awards will look a little different. This year there is not a fixed timeline to take part and complete your chosen level, instead, we are inviting all teams to continue their participation at their own pace. As different parts of the University are facing varying challenges, both existing and new teams can sign up at any time, including when still working remotely.

While the Office Awards are designed to support change in an office setting, there are many criteria which can be completed outside of the office and in preparation for a return to campus. Take the time now to sign up for this year's Awards, and get started on the actions that will help your team build back better for when you return to office working. Use the quick start guide below to figure out your next steps.

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Working from Home Awards

Please note that submissions received after 17:00 on Tuesday 30 March will not be included in this year's Sustainability Awards Celebration, however we encourage you to submit any time throughout the year for inclusion in the 2022 Celebration.

If you are continuing to work remotely but want to continue making a positive impact, the Working from Home Awards are for you. Whether you are working from home entirely, or are split between home and the campus, the Working from Home Awards are designed to support your sustainability journey where-ever you are working.

Featuring an accessible range of actions open to both individuals and groups from across the whole University, the Working from Home Awards can be completed at your own pace.

Using the new framework and guide below, you will choose and complete 10 criteria of your choice. You can choose a range of actions or focus on areas where you want to make the biggest impact. Once completed, use the short Working from Home checklist to tell us what you did and you'll receive recognition for your achievement.

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