Social Responsibility and Sustainability

Stickers, thermometers and timer plugs

Email us to order physical materials to help you save energy in your own work and study places.

Ready-made materials

Energy Coordinator Switch and Save cards

Tip cards

Simple business card-sized tips. You can stick them to the wall or hand them out.

  • Heating cards
  • Last one out
  • Sustainability awards
  • Report dripping taps
  • Computer power saving
  • How many people want tea?
  • Join the Sustainability Awards
  • Close the door

Energy sticker

Switch off stickers

Stickers for light switches or equipment.

  • Switch off when you leave the room

  • Switch off at the end of the day

  • Do not switch off

  • Switch off when not in use (small)

  • Switch off - switch located at (small)

  • Switch off - switch located at (large)

Timer plug

Other materials

Useful materials that do not fit into other categories.

  • Borrow a tiny tag thermometer
  • Timer plug

Timer plug information 

Custom materials

Do you need anything else? We can help to make new or unique materials that you think will help to save energy.

Order materials

Please email us with your requests for physical materials you would like to order. These will be sent through internal mail.

General enquiries

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