Social Responsibility and Sustainability

Winter shutdown

Save energy, reduce waste, and support your local community during the University’s festive season closure.

Did you know that the University spends about £20 million per year on energy? In order to help the University cut costs as well as carbon emissions, everyone should remember to complete a number of small actions before leaving the University.

Student? Find out about shutting down your residence

Get ready for the festive break

It's easy to help make sure the University is properly shut down for the break. Clearing up a few bits and pieces and turning a few things off will not only reduce the University's emissions - it will also help to: prevent fires; keep your office secure; and ensures you come back to a clean working environment after the winter period.

Winter Shutdown: Help the University save energy and reach Zero by 2040

Everyone, don't forget to...

  • Close all of the doors and windows
  • Please switch off all lights and electrical appliances. Especially those with standby modes (e.g. TV’s, monitors, printers, microwaves)
  • Check for dripping taps
  • Switch off your kitchen hot-water boiler (if you have one)
  • Please check the fridge and cupboards and:
    • Collect suitable food for a local foodbank (usually it is only unopened and non-perishable items are accepted)
    • Put all rubbish into the correct bin (general waste, recycling etc.)
  • Turn down the heating, if it's your responsibility
  • Switch off the lights (including decorations)
  • Tidy your desk and recycle what you can
  • Consider organising a swap and share event or collect donations for a local charity instead of “secret santa”


Winter Shutdown: Help the University save energy and reach Zero by 2040

If you work in a lab...

  • Switch off any chillers/water-cooled processes
  • Rationalise your sample storage
  • Defrost or de-ice fridges/freezers and clean the filters & heat exchanges
  • Dispose of your waste correctly
  • Switch off and unplug drying ovens
  • Tidy your bench and fume cupboard
  • Switch off/turn down fume cupboards and bio-safety cabinets, ensuring the sash is closed
  • Do not store equipment or waste in the fume cupboard – try a vented cabinet.
  • Unplug non-essential equipment (water baths, IT equipment, etc...) . Especially those with standby modes

Taking things further

We're working with Sustainability Champions across the University to plan entertaining and informative activities for the winter shut down.

Your local Sustainability Champion may get in touch to let you know about what's planned in your area.

If you are responsible for building systems - such as air handling, heating or computer server systems - please make sure that they are set to the appropriate setting for the quiet winter period.

If you're unsure about anything in your area then contact your line manager, personal tutor, building manager or local premises team.

Contact the premises teams

Working from home

If you want to access your computer from home, then we recommend that you activate Wake on LAN for remote access to work-based PCs in ‘hibernate’ mode.

Information Services provides guidance on how to work from home


Print posters and download screen images

Staff winter shutdown banner 2019
Everyone is reminded to make efforts to help save energy during the University’s festive season closure.