Social Responsibility and Sustainability

Big Summer Chillout

Everyone is reminded to make efforts to help save energy over the summer.

Icecream energy mascot, 'Scoopy', at the beach

Did you know: The University sets temperature standards for room heating and cooling.

During the colder seasons (September-May) we aim for a room temperature of 21 - 22°C. In the summer months, room temperatures should not exceed 28°C.

Getting ready for summer

In order to help the University achieve its commitment to becoming zero carbon by 2040, all staff and students should complete a number of actions to reduce the energy usage across our sites. This includes:

Checking the temperature of your workspace If you are unsure of the temperature in your area, you can request to borrow one of our thermometers for a short period of time. Order Here.
Turning your heater down to "Frost Prevention" Heating is often not required over the summer months. By turning your heating down to frost prevention (often shown as a snowflake symbol), you are giving it well-earned break!   
Get the most from your heaters There are a number of different types of heater across the University. Guidance is provided on how to get the most from yours throughout the year. Read the guidance
Reporting faults If you find a fault with lighting, heating, water, and other facilities issues then report this directly to your Nominated Fault Reporter as soon as possible. Find your Nominated Fault Reporter.
Opening doors and windows in rooms without air conditioning If you don't have air conditioning in your area, and if heating is turned down to frost prevention, opening a door and some of the windows may help draw a breeze through the space rather than using a fan.  
Closing doors and windows if you have air conditioning Locations that have air conditioning will stay cooler if windows and doors are kept closed as this keeps the cooler air inside.  
Turning off lights Lights are often left on unnecessarily over the summer. By turning these off as you leave a room, you are helping to reduce our energy consumption.  
Taking a break? If you are away from the University for prolonged periods over the summer months, remember to shutdown and switch off all equipment that is not in use at the plug.  
Clearing out freezers Defrosting your freezers regularly helps to keep the contents safe, whether it's staff food or laboratory samples. Iced-up freezers work harder and have a shorter lifespan. Download your freezer clear out poster (2.91MB PDF) 


Download resources including posters, an email signature and screen images

Icecream energy mascot, 'Scoopy', at the beach
Everyone is reminded to make efforts to help save energy over the summer.