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Get the most out of your heater. Advice on using CHP/gas/central heating and storage heaters.

Heater information

For storage heaters information, look at the first diagram below.  For gas, central heating, or CHP, look at the second diagram below.

Make sure that only one temperature control is active at a time. For example, either have a window open or have the heating on - not both. The same applies to air conditioning and portable heaters. You might think that having a portable heater will keep you warmer, but it can interfere with the thermostat and turn off the central heating. This can be particularly problematic when you are sharing the space with other people.

Find out more about temperature at the University

Overnight, spare electrical energy on the network is stored in dense blocks inside your heaters. Heat is released during the day
Since around 2003 the University has run several power stations on site. We generate our own electricity then pump excess heat..

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