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Using Warp It

Further information on using the University Warp It.

Conditions of using Warp It

Please note the following conditions before using the portal:

  1. Departments must be able to provide documentary evidence that any equipment they wish to dispose of is wholly owned by the University of Edinburgh, and that [if applicable] any other previously interested party has relinquished all ownership claims or agrees to an internal transfer of ownership.
  2. All advertisements for equipment to be offered for transfer must be authorised by the Head of the transferring department otherwise advertisements will not be accepted.
  3. Any equipment being offered for transfer must be free from contamination with any form of hazardous material, eg chemical, biological, radiation hazards, and must not, in any other way, present an unexpected or unanticipated hazard to the recipient. The item must be accompanied by a written assurance to that effect, signed by a competent person from the transferring Department.
  4. This facility is to be used only for transactions within the University, for the promotion of teaching and research or for administrative purposes - items must not be passed to other bodies [including educational institutions, companies, third parties] or to individuals [including University employees, students, visitors, etc].
  5. It will be the buying department's responsibility to verify that the equipment being claimed is as described in the advertisement, and that it functions fully and correctly for the purpose for which they intend to use it.
  6. All electrical equipment must be electrically safe (use the link below to see the University Health & Safety Policy Part 3 Section 6 - "Inspection and Testing of Electrical Equipment" for more detailed information). It is the responsibility of the buying department to ensure that a Portable Appliance Test (PAT) has, where appropriate, been carried out before any equipment is put into use. The PAT should be carried out by a trained departmental technician or, for departments whose testing is usually carried out by Estates via prior arrangement.
  7. The Waste & Recycling Team or Estates cannot be involved in, or held liable for, any dispute that may arise as a result of the exchange or sale of equipment between departments.
  8. Furniture is not currently exchanged via WARPit.  Furniture requests or information about redundant furniture should be notified to the Estates Furniture Office (
  9. All items offered for exchange must be in full working order.

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