Social Responsibility and Sustainability

Staff: buy responsibly

Fairness in trade and sustainable procurement means calling for responsible practices in relation to workers, environment and society to be followed by our suppliers.

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Follow purchasing guidance

Supply chain visual, from raw materials through to disposal
When purchasing, think about the whole life of the product: what it is made from and how it was made, how it will be used, what will happen to it at the end of its life?

Need a smart phone for work? Request a Fairphone

Fairphone 2
Find out about the more socially responsible and sustainable phone options available to staff at the University.

Choose more sustainable coffee for your workplace

Coffee conscience - Alexis with a bag of coffee and a keepcup
Does your department or unit purchase coffee for staff kitchens? Here at the Department for Social Responsibility and Sustainability, we order coffee in bulk from Coffee Conscience, and you can too!

Learn about conflict minerals

The University of Edinburgh has become the first higher education institution in the UK adopt a formal conflict minerals policy.

Choose fair trade

Choose to buy fair trade products, and encourage others to do so.

This is the most direct way that you can make a difference.

Get involved with Fairtrade Fortnight to join the national campaign to promote fair trade in February and March.

Get involved in fair trade groups.

There are lots of organisations you can get involved in, including: