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Find where you can get local, seasonal veg bags, try your hand at food growing at the Kings Buildings permaculture garden and more.

Kings Buildings Permaculture Garden

Food Security and Sustainability Society

Interested in sustainable development and social justice? Are you keen on learning how to eat and live healthily? Join the Edinburgh Food Security and Sustainability Society!

One of their projects includes promoting a planetary health meal plan.

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Kings Buildings permaculture garden

The student-led community garden is behind Murchison House.

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Hearty Squirrel cooperative

Hearty Squirrel is a student- and volunteer-run food cooperative at the University of Edinburgh.

They strive to provide healthy, local, ethical, organic and Fairtrade food to students and staff, as well as a unique and informative experience for volunteers. They have a weekly stall and run a bulk food ordering service for members, which is a great way to cut down on packaging waste and save money.

Their goals also include promoting and educating on food sustainability, running food workshops, and supporting other groups.

Hearty Squirrel [external]

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