The SRS Living Lab process and resources

Information for researchers and supervisors, including templates to guide you through the process.

United Nations' 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

1. Start a project one of three ways

1. Choose an available project

Choose from our list of existing available project proposals to work on a project we have identified. Apply for the project by the identified deadline date. Do this by emailing your CV and a covering letter to the named project holder on the brief, outlining your interest and suitability for the project. If you are suitable, you will be invited for an interview.

Available projects

2. Look at past projects

If you don't see an available project you want to apply for, why not look at our past projects and see if the identified research gaps or the recommendations made, are an area you would like to research and progress further.

Contact if you would like to take one of these projects further.

3. Already have an idea?

Use our Researcher Living Lab project proposal template below to submit a proposal that addresses an aspect of social responsibility and sustainability at the University, aligning with at least one Sustainable Development Goal.

Sustainable Development Goals

Once you have completed this form, please email it to the SRS Project Coordinator for Living Labs and the Sustainable Development Goals, who will contact you and talk through your ideas.

2. Set expectations and carry out the project

SRS workshop

Memorandum of Understanding

After successfully interviewing for the role, a period of discussion and agreement takes place, between yourself, the project holder and your academic supervisor or the person you report to.

Once all parties are clear and in agreement of the research interest and outputs, all parties will complete and sign a Memorandum of Understanding. 

Please download and edit the template below.

Support from the project holder

During your research and write up, you will receive regular coaching and mentoring support from the project holder at intervals, as outlined in the Memorandum of Understanding.

Your project holder is there to coach and mentor you through some of the challenges of research work.

They may also be able to provide you with contacts across the university, where relevant for your research. 

3. Complete the project, share findings and submit your feedback form

Once you complete your research project, your agreed output is shared with us so it can be uploaded to our 'Positive impact of past projects' page. 

This is when we celebrate the positive contribution your research has made towards the Sustainable Development Goals. Your Living Lab may continue to live on, as future students across any discipline may want to take your recommendations further.

We will ask you to complete a feedback form and also welcome photos and video feedback. The link to the feedback form is coming soon.

Positive impacts of past projects