Learning, teaching and research strategy

Creating woodland and restoring peatland across Scotland opens up exciting opportunities for student engagement, learning and teaching, and research.

Christelle Kwizera, Earth Fellow, MSc Climate Finance and Investment, and Vanessa McCorquodale, Community and Student Engagement Manager - Forest and Peatland Team, talk about the benefits of the University restoring nature at Drumbrae. Music by Jack McKenzie. One minute, 35 seconds.

Part of life at the University

Learning teaching and research strategy (2023-28) front cover. Forests and peatland project.

See how you can benefit from University managed sites in our co-created strategy, through educational and research opportunities as well as recreational access.


Everyone from every subject area is welcome to request to use the site, offered at zero cost.

Examples include, and are not limited to:

  • a site for science students to collect data and learn field skills
  • a landscape for art students to draw inspiration
  • an outdoor classroom for any subject area to explore ideas.

Use the site

If you wish to access the site for field trips, research or general teaching, you need to:

  • email to request access more than six weeks before your site visit
  • complete a site access application and risk assessment
  • organise transport to and from the site
  • arrange required facilities (for example, water, lunch and the hire of portacabins).

What to expect:

  • Drumbrae is a live operational site, with health and safety implications
  • access is not guaranteed; it depends on the activity being requested and the site operations taking place at that time.