Our biodiversity plan

We are committed to protecting and restoring biodiversity through our operations, learning, teaching and research. Here's our strategic plan for action.

Hand holding seedling


To demonstrate how we will protect and restore nature, biodiversity will be incorporated into our refreshed climate strategy. We will share brand-new targets in 2024, shaping a future where our commitment to nature becomes an integral part of our institution through our teaching, research and across our campus. 

Our seven commitments to biodiversity

  1. Protect existing biodiversity
  2. Enhance conditions for biodiversity where possible
  3. Connect areas for wildlife
  4. Promote engagement with biodiversity
  5. Follow general landscape management principles
  6. Incorporate biodiversity into University developments
  7. Provide buildings and structures for biodiversity

Read our current Biodiversity plan 2022

The University will protect existing biodiversity on campuses and enhance opportunities for biodiversity by taking a holistic approach that prioritises our interactions with wider communities of organisms, including humans, and dynamic landscapes.

The University of Edinburgh vision for biodiversity

Nature positive universities 

The University is a signatory of the Nature Positive Universities Alliance. This network of universities, including the University of Edinburgh, have made a joint pledge to:  

  • halt and reverse nature loss 
  • restore species and ecosystems that have been harmed by the impact of the university 
  • enhance the university's positive impact on nature 

Visit the Nature Positive Universities website