Flora and infrastructure mapping: How green is your campus?

Take a virtual campus tour to see what sorts of plants and water features are in our green spaces.

How green is your campus biodiversity map - Pollock Halls
How green is your campus biodiversity map of Pollock Halls

Take a virtual campus tour

Take a campus tour of Pollock Halls or Kings Buildings to improve your knowledge of natural areas and green amenities on campus.

Take a campus tour

Biodiversity data collection

Volunteers have used an app to collect information including the locations of trees, shrubs, grass and water infrastructure.

Different types of vegetation are scored differently depending on their biodiversity value, so the total score after collecting this data will provide an idea of how good a campus is for biodiversity.

Additional layers of data such as flood risk and overheating data will in future be integrated to assess the current vulnerability of urban areas to climate change impacts.

Mapping has been completed at Kings Buildings, Pollock Halls and Easter Bush. Further mapping will be undertaken at other campuses.

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More interactive maps coming Summer 2022

Look out for a new GI and Biodiversity Hub for students and staff to keep exploring the locations of different vegetation and amenities on campuses, as well as data on wildlife.

The project has been a collaboration between EDINA, a division of Information Services Group, the Estates Department, the Department for Social Responsibility and Sustainability (SRS) and the Scottish Wildlife Trust, with student support through an internship and volunteering.