Biodiversity: a nature positive University

As part of our journey to address the global ecological crisis, the University has pledged to protect wildlife and prevent nature loss by 2030.

We will protect nature and improve biodiversity across our activities - through our teaching, research, operations and supply chain. Our campus will become a haven for nature, bringing benefits for wildlife as well as our students and staff. These commitments will be set out in our new sustainability strategy, which will be published in 2024.

How we are taking action for biodiversity

Our biodiversity plan

Kings Buildings Permaculture Garden - planting spinach seeds
We are committed to protecting and restoring biodiversity through our operations, learning, teaching and research. Here's our strategic plan for action.

Explore our wild campus

A group photo of about 20 student athletes assembled outside at Peffermill Playing Fields.
Find out more about the wild spaces across our diverse campus and help us to transform University sites into nature-rich havens.

Partnerships for nature

An aerial photograph of central Edinburgh showing the meadows and Holyrood Park in the background
We work closely with partners across the Edinburgh City Region, and beyond, to protect nature and improve biodiversity.

Conserving and restoring marine ecosystems

A photo showing a body of saltwater next to tall, reed-like plants
Seagrass and saltmarshes play a key role in supporting marine ecosystems. With the coast on our doorstep, the University is researching ways to conserve and restore these vital habitats.

Boost your biodiversity knowledge

Our Biodiversity Literacy Training is available to students and staff and examines why biodiversity is so important to our existence, explores key concepts such as ecosystem services and identifies the main drivers of biodiversity loss. 

Biodiversity Literacy Training

Search our lists of elective modules and degree programmes for 'conservation' and 'nature' to find out how to study biodiversity.

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in the curriculum