Recap from the annual Resource Efficiency Workshop

On 18 July, 50 staff who are interested in resource efficiency from around the University gathered at Godfrey Thomson Hall to enjoy informative presentations about how the University and our partners are combating waste.

University updates

Alan Peddie, Project Coordinator at the Department for Social Responsibility and Sustainability opened the workshop with an update on Warp It, the University's internal reuse network, and the Waste Coordinator network, a group of staff members who keep an eye on resource efficiency issues in their areas. The network has grown from 59, 104 to 169 in two years.

It's a light in the darkness fighting decadence, consumerism and waste.

Warp It survey respondent

Claim free items for work on Warp It Join the Waste Coordinator network


Kate Fitzpatrick, Waste and Recycling Manager, discussed early ideas about the University's new Waste Strategy, which is under development.

Visit the Waste and Recycling website

Katie Chappell illustration: waste


Joseph Farthing, Communications Manager for our Department presented on water fountain and coffee cup projects. Additional water points are being installed across student spaces at the University, alongside the release of a new University water bottle. All ACE cafe prices have been updated to incentivise using a reusable cup; every disposable cup used will now cost the customer 25p. All reusable cups are now accepted.

University encourages reusable cups and bottles


Edinburgh partners

Rob Gallagher from Remade presented on his organisation which takes IT donations from University.

Visit the Remade website


Zero Waste Towns and Food sharing trustees came along to present on projects from the student-run SHRUB organisation: 'material matters' on fabric waste and food redistribution from local businesses.

Zero Waste Edinburgh Food sharing Scotland

To sum up

The session was a great opportunity to bring together people who are passionate about finding ways to extend the life of items and help make University resources go further. Three lucky attendees got to take home a water bottle from our raffle.

If you are interested in attending one of these events in the future or giving a presentation yourself, please get in touch.

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