We've moved!

After six years at Hope Park Square, we have now relocated to the Boilerhouse at High School Yards.

The Boilerhouse
Boilerhouse map

The Department for Social Responsibility and Sustainability are pleased to announce that we have now relocated to ‘The Boilerhouse’ - a building dating from 1777 at the entrance to High School Yards - which has recently undergone restoration.

For the first time, we can bring our entire department under one roof, and are now located next to colleagues in ECCI, Geosciences and Estates.

The renovation

The refreshed interior of the two-storey building follows an industrial design theme in keeping with its original purpose, and retains many of the original features including deep, softly arched windows and exposed timber beams.

Environmentally friendly paints and reclaimed wood have been used along with other sustainable materials. The use of LED lighting, natural light, upcycled furniture, platform lift and cycle store access have also been incorporated as a reflection of our Department's values.

Our team

Most of our team are now settled and can be reached on the same phone numbers as before.

Once the final adjustments are made to the interior – such as extra furnishings and storage – we look forward to welcoming you in.


New address

Department for Social Responsibility and Sustainability 

The Boilerhouse

High School Yards

Edinburgh EH1 1LT