University catering wins three-star rating for sustainability

The University of Edinburgh (Accommodation, Catering and Events) achieved a three-star rating from the Sustainable Restaurant Association’s Food Made Good initiative, the only university in Scotland to do so. 

Global sustainability food standard

Food Made Good, three stars, 2021, Sustainable Restaurant Association

Food Made Good is the most globally recognised industry standard for measuring sustainability across the hospitality sector and the largest global community for driving sustainability in hospitality.

This third-party accreditation demonstrates a credible assessment of commitment and execution to all things sustainable.

Areas that are assessed include:

  • sourcing local and seasonal food
  • ethically sourced meat and fish
  • staff welfare
  • local community work
  • recycling and food waste.

This means that students can eat at the University knowing that the produce is sourced ethically and locally, which translates to higher quality food for a reasonable price. They can also be safe in the knowledge that any waste is either recycled or sustainably disposed of.

Highest possible rating

Reaching three-star status, the highest possible rating is a huge achievement. 

At ACE, we know that the way we source, prepare and serve food has a big impact on the environment. In order for us to maintain our accreditation we must take ongoing substantive action around sustainability, which is assessed regularly, pushing us to be ever-more sustainable. We know that sustainability is of increasing concern to our students, especially when it comes to food which is why our three-star status is a great way to show our commitment to the cause going forward.

Ian MacaulayDirector of Catering

Good Food at the University

The University of Edinburgh takes a whole-institution approach to food and its connection to health and sustainability.

Good Food is food and drink that is tasty, healthy, good for the environment and good for the people who make it.


Good Food Policy

ACE's Sustainability Policy