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The IT Reuse project is back in action

We are all set up to redistribute IT to those who need it in the University and local community.

What is IT Reuse?

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The IT Reuse project has been supporting staff to fix, clean, securely wipe the data, and redistribute PCs and other electronic equipment for five years.

Reusing IT means we can extend the life of existing equipment, saving money and preventing waste. The project exists to contribute to our Social & Civic Responsibility Plan including our commitments on zero carbon, zero waste and having a positive social impact.

The University of Edinburgh is committed to low resource use, recycling and reuse. We recognise the impact of the transport, treatment and disposal of resources and subsequent wastes on the local and global environment, and on the University’s carbon footprint.

In the last academic year, 634 PCs were reused: 25% were reused within the University, and 75% have been donated for reuse in the local community.

All of our items go through the University's reuse portal, Warp It.

Find out more about IT Reuse Find out about Warp It

How to reuse a PC

This is a step by step guide for anyone interested in putting a machine with data on Warp It themselves.

Before getting started

This is reserved for Computer Reps only. The person uploading the PC is responsible for going through all of the steps listed. If you are unsure if you are a Computer Rep or want to find out where the nearest Computer Rep is, contact Bradley Richards, IT Reuse Assistant (

Step by Step guide

  1. The following models are appropriate for internal reuse: HP 8300, HP 800 G1, HP 800 G2, HP 800 G3, any Dell Post 2012 or any apple product post-2011.
  2. The IT Reuse Project has access to Blannco software for wiping hard drives though DBAN is fine for internal reuse.
  3. Confirm whether the device needs to be PAT tested. If the PC is for single use and not plugged into an extension then it doesn’t need to be PAT tested. If it is for communal use or plugged into an extension then the wires used must be PAT tested.
  4. Keep a record. Have you made a note of the serial number? Usually, this is located on the top of the tower on a sticker. Also, make a note of when you did the wiping process. Use the additional comments box when uploading the PC to Warp It.

If you have followed all steps listed above, then you are ready to upload the information about the PC to Warp It.

How to claim a PC from Warp It

It is the responsibility of the person claiming the PC to arrange collection/delivery of the PC. If you are claiming a PC email the person who uploaded the PC directly to discuss the best options for you. If you need help with arranging delivery, please get in touch.

Visit the staff page for how to reuse IT

Why reuse?

Perth High School
Perth High School pupils given IT boost during school closures

Reusing electronic equipment saves money, carbon and waste. At the University of Edinburgh, we favour the circular economy approach. The circular economy is about transitioning from a ‘take-make-dispose’ linear approach to resource use to systems that encourage reuse and extraction of maximum value before returning resources to the biosphere.

If there are items that cannot stay within the University, they are donated to the Edinburgh Remakery, a local Social Enterprise, which helps the local community. Older electronics are recycled with CCL North.

Find out more about the circular economy

Pupils given IT boost during school closures

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