Staff and Student Engagement

In 2019, the University launched its Sustainability Champions Network. Open to all staff and students.

Centre for Regenerative Medicine wellbeing walk
Centre for Regenerative Medicine wellbeing walk as part of the Sustainability Awards

The network is designed to support those who are interested in learning how to live and work in a more sustainable way. To date more than 500 staff and students signed up. The University piloted Carbon Literacy Online Training, which will be rolled out to staff and students in 2020-21.

A total of 40 offices and 19 laboratories were accredited through the Sustainability Awards in 2019-20, this included teams from across all three academic colleges, as well as professional service groups. The Sustainability Awards reaches 37 per cent of staff through participating teams.

Five members of staff received the SRS Changemaker Award in 2019-20, with a further five staff and one student receiving highly commended recognition. The Award recognises staff and students who have brought noticeable positive change to the University and its community either by undertaking a successful socially responsible or sustainable project or by inspiring others to act in a more socially responsible and sustainable way.

Be Sustainable Online Training, an online course open to all staff and students, has to date had 2,975 staff and students, this includes 742 in 2019-20. Over 100 students have participated and completed the Social Responsibility and Sustainability Student Pathways initiative since 2019, providing students with an opportunity to develop knowledge and transferable skills around the climate crisis and Sustainable Development Goals.

Case studies

University launches new Sustainability Champions network

Sustainability Awards 2019-20 recipients

Changemakers Award 2019-20: winners