We will become a zero carbon and zero waste University

Developing and pioneering approaches to deliver a zero carbon and circular economy, protecting and enhancing biodiversity.

Our Carbon Emissions

Easter Bush Solar Farm
The University recognises the climate crisis is one of the most pressing issues facing humanity. Our commitment to become carbon neutral by 2040 aims to tackle this crisis head on.

Our Waste

General waste and recycling bins with stickers on them about how to properly dispose of paper towels, face masks and wipes.
The University is committed to embedding circular economy thinking into practice and designing waste out of its operations by becoming zero waste by 2030.

Staff and Student Commuting

In 2020, the University was named as the best University in the UK for student cyclists.


Campus to create wildlife haven for hedgehogs
To enhance the biodiversity of our campus and the city, the University has collaborated with the City of Edinburgh Council and other local partners.

Responsible Investments and Procurement

The University of Edinburgh will start 2021 having completed its commitment to divest from fossil fuels.

Good Food

 Edinburgh Food Social
As a University, we recognise the need to keep food systems within environmental limits while supporting sustainable livelihoods.

Staff and Student Engagement

Centre for Regenerative Medicine wellbeing walk
In 2019, the University launched its Sustainability Champions Network. Open to all staff and students.