Contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals

In our operations, research and teaching, we will engage critically with, and contribute to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Research and Public Engagement

Nasar Meer, Professor of Race, Identity and Citizenship and Director of RACE.ED
The University conducts world-leading research addressing climate change and sustainability issues, responding with multi-disciplinary and high-impact research across a range of disciplines.

Student Engagement and Learning

Edinburgh Innovations client Alison Wood
The University is committed to providing embedding the climate crisis and the Sustainable Development Goals into its learning and teaching, supporting more students to critically engage with these issues.

Embedding Social and Civic Responsibility into our Planning and Reporting

The Next Big Thing… is a Series of Little Things by artist Susan Collis
The Social and Civic Responsibility Plan includes a key area of activity around embedding the plan and its objectives across the organisation.