Fair employer

A new Human Resources Strategy had been developed and published to support the University’s vision and mission.

UN Sustainable Development Goals: Good health and wellbeing, Gender equality, Decent work and economic growth

Human Resources Strategy

The Strategy is framed around developing and implementing simple and consistent processes and systems; helping to create a flexible organisation; supporting the evolution of the workforce and making staff engagement and wellbeing a reality. These themes, in addition to activity to ensure our employment policies and practices are legally compliant, have enabled us to develop a Work Plan which enables the University to respond quickly to new or changing fair employer priorities. 

Following the outcome of the national referendum on the European Union on 23 June 2016, the University has developed a framework to support European Union citizens and staff who work on EU-funded Horizon 2020 projects. Further support has been developed to support staff with partners or dependants from the Economic European Area. This has included group briefing sessions; individual consultations with an external legal firm specialising in UK residency and British Citizenship; and an interest free loan to help staff spread the cost of acquiring residency documentation and/or more in-depth and personalised legal advice. 

Human Resources (HR) Strategy

Youth and Student Employment Strategy

The University’s Youth and Student Employment Strategy was published, demonstrating the University’s support of the Scottish Government’s plans for Developing the Young Workforce, our commitment to work within the Edinburgh Guarantee and the Scottish Business Pledge and provides clear direction and plans for increasing youth and student employment initiatives across the University. 

As part of this commitment, the University launched a Modern Apprentice Programme, with the first cohort expected to take up their places in the Autumn of 2017. As one of the largest local employers, the University has the scope to offer interesting and varied career opportunities to young people in the local community.

Youth and Student Employment Strategy (2017-2021)


I am pleased to launch the Youth and Student Employment Strategy 2017–2021, which presents our whole-institution approach to this important agenda. In this strategy, we commit to long-term goals that will ensure we are taking a forward-thinking role in creating, promoting and delivering opportunities that enhance the employability of young people and our students. Generating a sustainable pipeline of talent, providing access to the right tools and support for staff and giving individuals the platform they need to excel is critical to our long-term success and also helps us make a vital contribution to our local community. I would strongly encourage any member of staff to get involved and see what difference you can make.

Professor Jane NormanVice-Principal People and Culture

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