Strategy and governance

The University’s Social Responsibility and Sustainability Strategy 2010-2020 sets out a whole institution approach.

This is based on:

  • Learning and teaching
  • Research and knowledge exchange
  • People, services and infrastructure

A review of this strategy is currently taking place and a revised version will be published in 2018.

Overall governance responsibilities sit with the Social Responsibility and Sustainability (SRS) Committee which succeeded the former Sustainability and Environment Advisory Group (SEAG) in 2015.

The scope and remit for the SRS Committee includes sustainability and environmental topics, as well as fair employment, equality and diversity issues, access to education, widening participation issues, community relations and public engagement. Through engagement with both the University and local communities, government relations and partnerships, we seek to understand the social responsibility and sustainability issues that are important to our stakeholders and to the long term success of the University.

The remit and name of the Sustainability Operations Advisory Group was revised this year, becoming the Sustainability Strategy Advisory Group. It will provide advice on the development of integrated strategies, plans and programmes for operational sustainability across all of the University functions, including broader social aspects where relevant. The Group will report directly to the SRS Committee.

The University is a founding member of the Universities and Colleges Climate Commitment for Scotland and our ambitious Climate Action Plan is being reviewed in 2015.

Social Responsibility and Sustainability committees