Our approach to reporting

In 2016/17 we have continued to improve our approach to social responsibility and sustainability reporting, ensuring we report on those issues that are of most importance to our stakeholders.

Over the last year we have supported the University’s efforts to further align the Annual Report and Accounts to the International Integrated Reporting Framework.

Social responsibility and sustainability issues are reported throughout the Annual Report and Accounts, including in the Principal’s Foreword and Operational Review sections. This is the fourth year that we have reported progress on social responsibility and sustainability issues in this report.

We have continued for this year to produce a more detailed stand-alone online report and a four page highlights report supporting efforts to engage with our diverse range of stakeholders.

As a world leading university with a mission to facilitate the creation, dissemination and curation of knowledge we will have some different issues to report on in relation to social responsibility and sustainability than organisations outside of the higher education sector.

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