Social Responsibility and Sustainability


Our fourth annual Social Responsibility and Sustainability Highlights report demonstrates the University's progress towards achieving our social responsibility and sustainability aims.


I am delighted at the diversity of progress we have made towards the delivery of our Social Responsibility and Sustainability Strategy.


The efforts of staff and students to make a more sustainable and socially responsible university have been recognised by a number of national award schemes.


The University accepts the moral, legal and practical responsibility to take effective action on climate change.


We are committed to making our buildings environmentally friendly while encouraging students and staff to embed social responsibility and sustainability in the behaviour of the University community.


We are committed to developing potential solutions to challenges facing the planet and its people by harnessing the skills and knowledge of the University's community.


We are committed to making a positive contribution to society by encouraging our students and staff to engage with the local community and wider society.


We are committed to provide opportunities to all students and staff to develop their knowledge, skills and experience so that they are best positioned to engage with tackling global challenges.


Social Responsibility and Sustainability reports from the University's Colleges and Support Groups.