Sustainability Strategy Advisory Group (SSAG)

The group was established to deliver all operational aspects of the University's Sustainability action plans and programmes, seeking to continuously improve the environmental performance of all operational areas of the University.


On behalf of the SRS Committee, to provide advice on the development of integrated strategies, plans and programmes for operational sustainability across all University functions including broader social aspects where relevant.

Operational sustainability is taken to include the sustainability aspects of estates development and operations, waste and resources policy and practice, water provision and use, transport sustainability including aviation, climate strategy emissions and reporting, energy management strategy and delivery energy issues, biodiversity policy and climate adaptation, laboratories, food policy and practice, impacts of information technology, accommodation services, and procurement including supply chains.

To provide advice on the identification of, development and delivery of agreed policies and programmes and provide assessment of progress and the fulfilment of statutory, corporate, external and compliance reporting as required. To provide integrated and strategic advice on opportunities, performance, and risk to the SRS Committee and other relevant committees as required including staff, student and community engagement within programmes.

Advise on engagement and communication strategies for integration of social responsibility and sustainability with staff and students and living lab projects. Advise on and prepare financial advice on the costs, benefits and risks associated with operational sustainability across the full range of University activities.


Dave Gorman, Convener, Director of SRS

Michelle Brown, Deputy Director of SRS

Michelle Christian, Director - Property & Residential Services

Glen Cousquer, University and College Union Green rep

Emma Crowther, Transport & Parking Manager

Dean Drobot, Head of Utilities & Energy Management

Grant Ferguson, Director of Estates Operations

Kate Fitzpatrick, Waste & Recycling Manager

Claire Graf, Joint Unions representative

David Jack, Energy & Utilities Operations Manager

George Sked, Director of Procurement

Rosheen Wallace/Amanda Scully, EUSA VP Community

Gary Jebb (ex officio), Director of Estates

Catherine Martin (ex officio), Vice-Principal Corporate Services

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