Renewables and the University

The Renewable Energy and Low Carbon Options Review Group has be established to review what further investments in renewable technologies, such as solar and wind, could be made. The University has already invested more than £30 million in low carbon and renewable technology on campus.


  1. Assess the prevalence and maturity of alternatives to fossil fuel energy generation, and carbon use management techniques, and rank their success.
  2. Develop a standard, practical methodology for the University to use when evaluating potential investments in renewable or other energy options
  3. Examine the business case for, and opportunities and risks associated with, investment at scale in renewable energy, low carbon and carbon offsetting technologies
  4. Prepare a report to Central Management Group on the options to consider and the impacts and consequences of any decisions it may make.


Climate Strategy: Zero by 2040 

Wind turbines


If you are interested in submitting evidence for the group to consider, please contact Jane Rooney. We are particularly interested in hearing from academics who are specialists in this field.

Jane Rooney (parental leave)

Committees & Projects Officer and PA to Head of SRS Programmes

Contact details


  • Jane is on parental leave; please email Vanessa McCorquodale.

    Moving from Estates and Buildings, Jane is responsible for the University's social responsibility and sustainability committees.