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8 December: Carbon Literacy Training - In Person Training

We are pleased to be able to offer the accredited and award-winning Carbon Literacy Training here at the University of Edinburgh.

Carbon Literacy Training [external website]

Join over 18,000 participants who have learned about carbon dioxide costs and the impacts of everyday activities. The course will teach you to reduce emissions, on an individual, community and organisational basis.

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What is Carbon Literacy Training? 

Carbon Literacy means being aware of the impact of everyday activities on the climate, knowing what steps can be taken to reduce emissions and why it’s important that we all take these steps. Carbon Literacy Training is a day's worth of training, currently being offered as three two-hour online sessions and two hours of self-work as an alternative to a day of training face to face, due to Covid-19.

The University offers Carbon Literacy Training for all students and staff, accredited (officially recognised) by the Carbon Literacy Project. The actions of individuals can and do make a difference.

Find out more on the Climate Literacy Project website

How does it relate to your work or study?

Understanding climate science basics and being able to act on them isn't just for environmental students or professionals. Every facet of society needs to know and be able to act to mitigate the effects of carbon. Climate change affects the air we breathe, the coffee we drink, the animals and wildlife we love and will have an even greater effect on future generations if we don't act now.

Every single student and professional will need to be carbon literate if we are to help make the world a better place.

Why take the training?

  • The training is an engaging, interactive and fun way to learn.
  • You will equip yourself with the facts and understanding you need to make positive change for the climate in your own life and to positively influence those around you.
  • Learners who complete the training can be certified as Carbon Literate, with a certificate as evidence. This can be used to boost CVs and annual reviews.

Case study: What is carbon literacy and why does it matter? [external website]


The sessions flew by thanks to the very interactive format and good mix of presented information and group discussions.

The instructors were so knowledgeable, helpful and made the whole experience really enjoyable and fun. Before I did this course I used to think that ‘big corporations and governments’ were responsible for ‘sorting out’ the climate crisis. But I had a complete ‘aha-moment’ during one of the sessions that I am responsible too, and there are things I can do as an individual to contribute to a carbon neutral society by 2038.

Lisa DerrTrial Manager, Edinburgh Clinical Trials Unit
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Dec 08 2021 -

8 December: Carbon Literacy Training - In Person Training

Develop your knowledge of the climate crisis by taking the accredited and award-winning Carbon Literacy Training here at the University of Edinburgh. The course is open to all staff and students.

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