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Attend COP 26

As an official observer organisation, the University will receive a limited number of observer passes. Find out how to apply, or tell us that you’re attending.

Student Dhruti Chakravarthi attended COP25

The role of 'observers'

Official observer organisations - such as the University - play an important role in the UNFCCC process by sending delegates to observe the formal proceedings. Observers often:

  • help to interpret what is happening at the COP and explain this to wider stakeholder networks
  • highlight when ambitious actions and statements are made to encourage similar actions among other parties
  • act as a watchdog to flag when parties (in their view) are not being ambitious enough, or are backsliding on commitments
  • amplify the voices of parties and stakeholders that aren't being heard
  • bring a diversity of views and expertise to the negotiations

Representatives of observer organisations are sometimes invited to participate in mandated events such as in-session workshops as panellists or to facilitate discussions. They also engage with the negotiations process through 'side events'.

Apply for a University observer pass

The UN has not yet opened registration for observer passes. In the meantine, the School of Geosciences are collecting registrations of Interest for those who are interested in applying for an observer pass. Complete the form below to register your interest.

COP 26 observer pass - registration of interest

Please note that only University staff and students can apply for these passes, and the number of passes the University receives will be very limited. 

Tell us you're attending COP26

A number of University staff, students and alumni may already be planning to attend the COP either to fulfill a formal role, act as an observer for another organisation, or as part of a side event. Let us know if you're planning to attend by emailing