Social Responsibility and Sustainability

Academic staff

Get involved in research and teaching collaborations, and join our SRS Academic Network.

We support academics researching and teaching social responsibility and sustainability-related issues by facilitating networking and collaborating on projects.

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This is our general introduction to sustainability at the University for all staff, including academic staff.

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Practical advice

Collaborate with us - EI meeting - 3 women in conversation
Practical advice for carrying out research and teaching in a more sustainable way.

Join the academic network

SRS academic network - dots connected by lines
The SRS Academic Network was established in 2014 to be an interdisciplinary community of research and teaching staff at the University of Edinburgh interested in social responsibility and sustainability themes. PhD students are welcome to join as well as academic staff.

Use your research to improve the University with the Living Lab approach

LL SRS living lab architecture studio
For us, treating the University as a Living Lab means using our own academic and student research capabilities to solve social responsibility and sustainability issues relating to our infrastructure and practices.

Share your research with the public

Public engagement involves higher education institutions and their staff and students connecting and sharing their work with the public. It generates mutual benefit through the sharing of knowledge, expertise and skills.

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