Clinical Surgery

Sorina-Maria Cornateanu

Miss Cornateanu was appointed in the Transplant Unit of the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh since November 2015, initially as a senior transplant fellow for a year, followed by a locum and then a substantive consultant post.

Sorina-Maria Cornateanu

Consultant Transplant Surgeon

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Appointments and Activities

Her current clinical practice involves kidney, pancreas and islet cell transplantation as well as multi-organ procurement. She has a strong clinical interest and contribution in the live donor kidney transplantation and improving the rates of pre-emptive kidney transplants.

She has been actively involved in the application of novel technologies of organ preservation, including EVNP and NRP.

She undertook clinical research in the area of pancreas transplantation, focusing on means for improving organ assessment, analysis of discard rates and ways to increase utilization for both solid pancreas and islet transplantation.

Miss Cornateanu was an undergraduate of the University Medicine of Targu-Mures, Romania(2004). She completed her basic surgical training in Romania and Paris, France, with a special focus on minimal invasive and HPB surgery. She then trained in HPB and liver transplantation in Paul-Brousse Hospital, Villejuif, obtaining her qualification in HPB surgery from Paris South University in 2012.

Miss Cornateanu then completed 2 year abdominal organ transplantation clinical fellowship in Geneva, Switzerland (2013-2015), expanding her expertise to pancreas, kidney and islets transplantation. She is a European Board certified surgeon in abdominal organ transplantation (pancreas, kidney, liver, islets) and procurement (FEBS UEMS 2016).

  • MD University of Medicine Targu-Mures, Romania, 2004
  • Board Certified Consultant Surgeon, Bucharest, Romania, 2012
  • University degree in HPB Surgery , Paris South, France, 2012
  • Board Certified Consultant Surgeon, Paris, France, 2014
  • MEBEKO Certified Consultant Surgeon, Bern, Switzerland, 2014
  • Transplant Fellow of the University Hospitals of Geneva, Switzerland, 2013-2015
  • Fellow of the European Board of Transplantation Surgery-FEBS/UEMS, 2016
  • Consultant Transplant Surgeon Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh, 2016-present
  • Professional Mentor-University of Edinburgh by invitation, 2020 

  • Clinical Lead for Organ Utilisation (kidney and pancreas), 2020