Clinical Surgery

Philippa A Rust

Honorary Clinical Senior Lecturer, University of Edinburgh

Philippa Rust

Specialist Clinical Interests

Osteoarthritis at base of thumb, Ligament stability of trapeziometacarpal joint, Wrist biomechanics and motion, Anatomical studies of hand and wrist, Tendon injury rehabilitation.

Desired future Projects

Wrist motion, Use of arthoscopy in wrist surgery. Outcomes following wrist surgery.

Current Projects

Anatomical study of wrist, affiliated with Dept of Anatomy, University of Edinburgh.

Previous Projects

Instability of trapeziometacarpal joint, affiliated with Department of Anatomy, University of Edinburgh and Biomechanical Engineering Department and Orthopaedic Department , Royal Infirmary, Edinburgh. Clinical study of trapeziometacarpal joint affiliated with Department of Hand Surgery, St Vincent's Hospital Melbourne.


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