Undergraduate study - 2018 entry

Personal support: my story

Martin, like all undergraduates, has regular meetings with his Personal Tutor.

Martin Lam
Martin Lam, MA (Hons) Sociology & Psychology

Every undergraduate student at Edinburgh has a Personal Tutor, a member of the teaching staff who provides academic guidance and support and can address any concerns that might affect your studies.

Your Personal Tutor is there to help you make the most of your studies as an individual as you progress through your university career.

My story

"The Personal Tutor system adds a layer of pastoral care and support in general, which is really useful.

"You have regular meetings with your tutor. This means that there is always someone you can go to, to discuss a personal or academic matter. For me, this is the most important part of the Personal Tutor system – just knowing that someone is there to help, or to speak to.

"Everyone is different and people need different levels of support to adapt to university both socially and academically. I didn’t have too many settling-in issues as I’ve moved around a lot, but I did feel the need of academic support because university studies are very different to those at school.

"I think the Personal Tutor model is a more systematic way of supporting students and a more holistic approach to learning and life at university. It’s not just for academic feedback or help. If you have a personal issue you’d like some guidance on you can speak with your Personal Tutor.

Staff and peer support

"There are a lot of layers of support at Edinburgh. Alongside your Personal Tutor, you have course lecturers and tutors.

"For me, tutorials are one of the most helpful environments in which to learn. It’s a group of 10–12 students often tutored by a PhD student. They’ve recently been through what we’re all going through right now, and this gives your studies a personal touch – the tutor understands what we’re experiencing.

"There’s always someone you can go to who understands how things work and how the University operates, as well as what’s expected of you as a student at every point of your studies. One of the things I love about university is that the barrier between students and academics is lowered compared with being a pupil in school."

The most important part of a Personal Tutor system – just knowing that someone is there to help, or to speak to.”

Martin LamMA (Hons) Sociology & Psychology

Helping you realise your potential

As an Edinburgh undergraduate you'll have plenty of support to become an independent learner.  We’ve invested £4 million to enhance your student experience and provide advice and guidance that are second to none.

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