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Hugh Braidwood talks about his experience of studying at Edinburgh and why he chose to study sport with us.

Hugh Braidwood

Hugh Braidwood

Hugh Braidwood is in his 4th year in Moray House School of Education studying BSc Sports and Recreation Management.

"Sport has always been a big part of my life and I want that to continue, it has so many benefits to my health and outlook on life. I have been working back at home at an outdoor education centre where I have been working my way up the ladder and getting an experience of leadership and management, I feel there is a lot of learn about how an organisation can work at its’ best and I know I want to be innovative in the sport/recreation industry in some way.

I was drawn to Edinburgh because I feel this course, with its reputation and high level of teaching, will help me pursue my career goals with the right skill set."

My student experience

"The best thing about student life is having the flexibility to choose to do as many or as little extra-curricular activities as you please; whether that is joining a society or sport, having a part-time job, taking part in volunteer work or music.

I have always been someone who devotes a lot of my time to outside opportunities. Some personal examples are that I’m in the firsts in sailing team racing as well as team captain of the committee, I have been course/year rep since the start, I trained last year to complete the Edinburgh Marathon, I have a part time job with Deliveroo, I’m working through an application with the Royal Marines Reserves and the list goes on.  As I continue through university I am realising more and more about the importance of developing my education and life skills and balancing this with outside experiences as well as making/keeping friends and having fun."

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Student life


My programme

"The feeling that I am a student at one of the UK’s best universities with all these incredible opportunities and facilities gives me the motivation to work hard to meet my own expectations of what characteristics and values I think a student from the University of Edinburgh should have.  Also, the fact that I am studying in one of the most beautiful cities, in the most beautiful country in the world, gives me the chance to continue to explore new places, to appreciate them and learn the history.

The amount of ‘free’ time and autonomy with my university work was a shock when I joined last year.  After coming from school/sixth form where there is a lot of contact time, to more than halving that was difficult for me at first because there is a lot of self-direction involved as well as motivation and discipline to get the lecture notes, readings and assignments done in the time that you set. The tutors are extremely helpful in the fact that they leave a dedicated amount of time each week for optional 1:1 tutorials if needed, which have proved to be very beneficial when outside commitments overlap or when looking for advice with assignments. There is a lot of support available in my course and the university in general – you just need to be proactive and search for it."

The fact that I am studying in one of the most beautiful cities in the most beautiful country in the world gives me the chance to continue to explore new places, to appreciate them and learn the history. 

Hugh Braidwood 3rd Year, Sport and Recreation Management (BSc)

My future

"One of the best parts of my course I feel will be the research placement which I will be doing next semester where we research a sport topic of real use to the employer which we choose to apply to.  I feel this is an example of the tutors’ and course organisers’ understanding of not only giving us a broad understanding of the business, management and sociological aspects of sport but also hands-on, on-the-job experience so we can put what we have learnt into practise." 

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