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Kevin Forrest talks about his experience of studying at Edinburgh and why he chose to study social policy with us.

Kevin Forrest

Kevin Forrest

Kevin Forrest is a 3rd year student studying MA Government, Policy, and Society.

"Being in the intellectually stimulating and culturally diverse environment that Edinburgh provides enables students to refine and ultimately evolve their views."

My programme

"Since as far back as I can remember, I've been fascinated with society and the factors that help shape it, such as government policies, social norms, and individual differences. This, combined with years of experience working on campaigns and with social enterprises, impassioned me to enter study in the field of policy.

Upon researching prospective universities, the scope and contemporary relevance of Edinburgh's social policy programme immediately stood out. I believe this provides an environment in which students are equipped and encouraged to conceptualize and discuss a wide range of topical policy issues.

Edinburgh is also home to Scotland's devolved parliament as well as countless influential think tanks and third sector organizations. This allows students to witness agenda setting, policy formulation, implementation and evaluation from a first-hand perspective.

Edinburgh also consistently ranks among the best universities with regard to research quality, international reputation, and graduate prospects.

As social policy is an interdisciplinary subject, students will engage with the political, economic and social aspects of policy decisions. Therefore, it is important that students are familiar with the concept of needs, rights, and responsibilities when critiquing policies."

I believe Edinburgh is the whole package. A world-leading university in a culturally rich and diverse city is the recipe for a life-changing experience.

Kevin Forrest3rd year, Government, Policy, and Society (MA Hons)

My student experience

"I believe it is the responsibility of every student to constantly challenge the world around them. Being in the intellectually stimulating and culturally diverse environment that Edinburgh provides enables students to refine and ultimately evolve their views.

I attribute many of my social links to getting involved in Students’ Association events and societies. With the University of Edinburgh being home to societies ranging from A Capella Society to the Debates Union, it's easy to find individuals who share your interests."

Around 100,000 students call Edinburgh home, giving the city a unique buzz and ensuring you’ll be in good company. Discover more about student life at Edinburgh.

Student life


My future

"I feel like the flexibility of the programme Edinburgh provides is second to none. Not only does it provide the opportunity to become immersed in a wide range of contemporary policy developments, but it also gives students the flexibility to cater their learning towards areas of particular interest; ranging from Labour market policy to criminal justice. It equips students with the analytical and research skills essential for a career in policy."

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