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Stephen Jones talks about his experience of studying at Edinburgh and why he chose to study psychology with us.

Stephen Jones

Stephen Jones

Stephen Jones is an MA (Hons) Psychology graduate.

"Psychology is all about understanding people. As well as developing logical and methodical skills, studying psychology helps you learn what can drive, inspire and motivate people."

My programme

"I actually joined to study Linguistics and English Language and selected Psychology as an outside subject. I hadn't done psychology at A-level so this was my first taste of it other than my own reading, and I just loved it.

Everything I learned seemed useful and applicable in everyday life, as well as simply fascinating and quite often surprising.

The most challenging part of my course is managing my time. There's so much extra-curricular stuff that I can and do take part in at uni, it's actually really hard to organise myself to provide enough time to give my work the attention it needs while also playing rugby, kayaking, rock climbing, skiing, mountaineering, socialising, playing my instruments, getting to the gym, and of course, the bane of my life, cleaning the flat.

24 hours just isn't enough time in the day to experience everything life has to offer while still jumping through the hoops you have to get through to secure a foundation for your future."

Everything I learned seemed useful and applicable in everyday life, as well as simply fascinating and quite often surprising.

Stephen JonesGraduate, Psychology (MA Hons)

My student experience

"The best parts of student life are the people you meet and interact with - whether it's people on your course, in your accommodation, in clubs you join, or even your lecturers and tutors, the majority of people are great fun if you get on with them.

I can also be a bit of a geek and do enjoy the intellectual challenge uni provides you with, as long as it doesn't interrupt my weekly meeting at the Big Cheese that is!

The best part of studying at Edinburgh is the city. I'm not a massive city person and I despise places like London or New York where you're caged by grey skyscrapers on all sides, so to live in a city where almost no building is over 6 stories tall, even fewer buildings are grey, and where you can walk in almost any direction for ten minutes and be surrounded by green - whether that's the cultivated scenery of the meadows or the natural ruggedness of Arthurs Seat - really is perfect for me."

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