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Politics and International Relations

Mei Futonaka talks about her experience of studying at Edinburgh and why she chose to study politics and international relations with us.

Mei Futonaka

Mei Futonaka

Mei Futonaka is a 3rd year student studying MA International Relations.

"Edinburgh is an absolutely beautiful place to be. It's compact enough to walk around everywhere, but large enough to always find new things to do. We are spoiled with beautiful architecture and nature."

My programme

"Having lived in the United States, Hong Kong and Japan, I have always been exposed to a range a diverse values. There are an endless variety of lenses through which we see the world, and no single one on its own is definitive. Where diplomatic friction between states is ever so increasingly elicit, dialogue between entities is delicate, thus showing a need for comprehensive and mutual understanding.

The International Relations programme seemed to be the fit subject area to delve into. I liked the fact that the University is very much a research-based institution, which means that students are being taught by leading academics in their field of study.

The quality of academia that students are surrounded by at this University is exceptional.

The challenge in the International Relations programme is learning to theorise relations between states as well as non-state actors into critical arguments, and truly assessing the plethora of differing interpretations on how we see the world.

The interdisciplinary aspect of the International Relations programme is something that is challenging, yet also what makes the subject such an exciting one.

The continuously changing dynamics of international relations in the world today make the programme an increasingly crucial field to be immersed in academically.

The international community in Edinburgh acts as a positive stigma. Tutorial discussions on the programme are extremely interesting, especially with my course mates, because you get to hear opinions on a debated issue from several different perspectives. I really do value that diversity."

The interdisciplinary aspect of the International Relations programme is something that is challenging, yet also what makes the subject such an exciting one.

Mei Futonaka3rd year, International Relations (MA Hons)

My student experience

"Academic life is obviously important, but being involved in societies is what I look forward to all the time. Currently, I am News Editor for the Student newspaper - it has so far been such a fantastic opportunity having the experience of putting a newspaper together. It really is only because of the hardworking team that this type of project, on this scale, is possible.

I am also part of the Japan Society, which is a nice way to keep in touch with my roots. It's a home away from home.

The Law School Music Society is always an incredible experience - I have really come to realise that music is a universal language, and the way that we enjoy music, despite all of our differences, is what I love.

Being involved in societies is a fantastic way to simply meet people. I have made some of my closest friends through coincidental encounters at societies. I also admire how every society is driven through the students' passion for whatever area the society stands for.

Regardless of their scale, it is always amazing to see my friends' accomplishments in all that they do through their societies' work."

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Student life


My programme 

"Critical analysis is a dominant skill that is cultivated throughout my programme. I believe that no matter what kind of career trajectory decided upon, having competent skills in critical analysis will equip me well in the future."

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