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Jean-Baptiste Lefèvre talks about his experience of studying at Edinburgh and why he chose to study Italian with us.

Jean-Baptiste Lefèvre

Jean-Baptiste Lefèvre

Jean-Baptiste Lefèvre is a 2nd year student studying MA Italian and Philosophy.

"I was drawn to Edinburgh for the University's reputation and because it is very international."

My programme

"I was looking forward to studying a subject of my choice, having the opportunity to be truly independent, and meeting open-minded people."

The whole Italian department are very engaging and care about each and every one of their students.

Jean-Baptiste Lefèvre2nd year, Italian and Philosophy (MA Hons)

Settling in

"Being far from home was a scary thought, but I very quickly made friends and the environment was very welcoming – there were endless opportunities to meet new people!

I felt welcomed especially by the Italian department - they made sure we felt at home."

My student experience

"I live in a flat with four other people - this is the best opportunity to get to know how to live with people in the real world.

The friends I've made at university are very diverse - people have various interests that aren't necessarily like the ones people had at school (e.g. acapella, academic conferences, hiking, political debates, films etc.)"

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Student life


 My advice to new students

"Set yourself weekly limits and be strict with those limits! 

Follow your guts, be truthful and don’t ever change who you are to fit in. 

Most of all, do not worry!"

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