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History of Art

Tabby Carless-Frost talks about her experience of studying at Edinburgh and why she chose to study History of Art with us.

Tabby Carless-Frost

Tabby Carless-Frost

Tabby Carless-Frost is in her 3rd year studying History of Art and English Literature.

"I was drawn to Edinburgh because of the city's status as a cultural hub. With the fringe festival and many films and pieces of art and literature coming out of the city, it seemed like a place that would foster academic creativity. This paired with the academic reputation of the University and the friendliness and passion of the staff convinced me to make Edinburgh my first choice."

My student experience

"My favourite things about student life are obviously the social side - going out in Scotland's capital is always a good night, but also the huge amount of independent creative student groups. There are always plans to make a zine collaboration or start an art project outside of study. This makes it feel much more than just studying." 

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Student life


My programme

"The nature of joint honours makes the first year learning broad and I regularly get the chance to bring up my new general knowledge in conversations with friends. The History of Art course especially works to give you an introduction in how to think about art history in the first semester and starts to challenge accepted ways of thinking about art in the second semester with a global focus rather than just the classical western masters. 

The biggest challenge has been the independence on essays. There is little guidance as to how to approach these so it can be a bit hit or miss. All the knowledge and ideas are provided, but the criteria is a little vague."

The best thing about student life is the huge amount of independent creative student groups, there are always plans to make a zine collaboration or start an art project outside of study. This makes it feel much more than just studying.

Tabby Carless-Frost2nd Year, History of Art and English Literature (MA)

My future

"I feel my programme is equipping me with the broad knowledge of my fields of study and also instilling the specific critical attitude that is necessary to follow a path into gallery curation, journalism or academia which are areas I would love to pursue a career in." 

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