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Paul Tomlinson talks about his experience of studying at Edinburgh and why he chose history with us.

Paul Tomlinson

Paul Tomlinson

Paul Tomlinson is a 1st year student studying MA History and Politics.

"I was drawn to Edinburgh not only because of the fantastic facilities for humanities and political science which was just right for the course I wanted to do, but also the rich history of successful students and wealth of opportunity the University has produced."

Settling in

"I was initially worried about starting a entire new subject in politics at a university level - being afraid that the learning curve would be too high. But by consistent reading, contacting tutors/fellow students I was able to overcome it.

I was looking forward to having my own room, making new friends, and the nightlife!

I did feel a little bit thrown in at the deep end, having to seek a lot of essential information by myself. But the University made up for this by always being very receptive and understanding."

My student experience

"I live in Brae House student accommodation, and I chose it because it is central, a decent price, is nearby a supermarket, pub and McDonald's. I also chose it because it is en-suite and self-catered.

Pretty much all my mates are from a range of different backgrounds, cultures and ethnicities compared to my predominantly white high-school. It's been exciting learning new things about people and countries whom I thought I’d never meet!"

My favourite place at the University is probably the Student Union, Teviot Row House. I like how every floor has something different, how there’s places to eat/drink but also study, and even a sports bar with pool tables!

Paul Tomlinson1st year, History and Politics (MA Hons)

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Student life


My support

"My Personal Tutor, Andrew Griffiths, has always been incredibly punctual in responding to my concerns, understanding and receptive, and incredibly approachable, funny and polite. He’s my favourite teacher for all of those reasons.

During challenging times, contacting my Personal Tutors and Course Organisers, alongside fellow students and family, for advice and guidance usually calms me down. Exercising is also a great way to diminish stress."

My advice to new students

"Don’t expect it to be exactly as you imagined it - realise it won't be perfect the second you arrive.

Making friends is a gradual process, not an immediate one. Having a couple of fun facts about yourself helps.

University is a lot more independent, from the work to the social life. You have to take the lead, but also don’t be afraid to contact people.

Lastly, bring a lot of food!"

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