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Health in Social Science

Manisha Thill talks about her experience of studying at Edinburgh and why she chose to study Health in Social Science with us.

Manisha Thill

Manish Thill

Manisha Thill is in her 4th year in the School of Health in Social Science studying MA Health in Social Science.

"I was drawn to Edinburgh because the Health in Social Science degree felt like it was most suited to what I want to pursue as a career in the future. It offers a lot of flexibility and insight into courses from various disciplines, giving you exposure to areas that you may never have considered before."

My student experience

"I enjoy the freedom and independence that student life provides. It’s challenged me and enabled me to grow in ways I didn’t think possible at this point in my life.

"Studying at Edinburgh feels really laid back because of the atmosphere of the city and because the University itself as it is not overly crowded (except occasionally at Appleton Tower during “rush hour”). As the University is spread across the city I like to describe it as being embedded in Edinburgh making it just a normal everyday part of my life."

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Student life


My programme

"I like the flexibility of my degree because I get to choose more than one outside course per semester and somehow it all relates back to health, which I find very interesting and important, as health is such a broad topic that it cannot be tackled from a single angle.  

"So far, my favourite course has been International Development, Aid and Humanitarianism as it was really fitting to the direction I’m heading in my career. It was very interesting and really unpacked different issues in ways I had never imagined.

"I’ve found some of the means of assessment quite challenging because at times it relies on one piece of work that you will produce or one of the assessments you don’t really grasp because of how broad it is. Insufficient guidance at times also means you can fall back when you could be doing better.

"My programme is really rewarding because it feeds my knowledge and I now better understand certain things that I believe will be useful throughout my life and when I start my career." 

I like the flexibility of my degree because I get to choose more than one outside course per semester and somehow it all relates back to health, which I find very interesting.

Manisha Thill4th Year, Health in Social Science (MA)

My future

"I think my programme is preparing me for my future career by addressing the various issues linked to my subject area from so many different perspectives which is necessary in our globalised world as well as presenting me with opportunities to volunteer and go abroad."

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