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Natalie Nosenko talks about her experience of studying at Edinburgh and why she chose to study German with us.

Natalie Nosenko

Natalie Nosenko

Natalie Nosenko is a 4th year student studying MA German and Italian

"At first I was simply in love with the city, then it turned out that the University of Edinburgh is one of the few that offers beginners’ German and advanced Italian."

My programme 

"I chose my programme because I want to become a journalist and I wanted to develop my writing and communications skills studying what I am passionate about – languages and cultures.

The Italian department in Edinburgh is very strong and it has never disappointed me throughout the degree. I also wanted to learn German from beginners’ level."

My third year was a compulsory year abroad; I spent my first semester in Vienna, Austria and second semester in Florence, Italy. This boosted my language skills and I made even more international friends.

Natalie Nosenko4th year, German and Italian (MA Hons)

My student experience

"In Edinburgh I feel like I am everywhere in the world at the same time - the city has charming architecture in harmony with nature. Edinburgh also provides proximity to the sea and the opportunity to surf, even if it's cold.

I've definitely met more people from around the world, including Trinidad and Tobago, Chile, Georgia, Iran, Iceland and so many more countries.

I currently live in a rented apartment with my best friend - we chose it because it is conveniently located between King’s Buildings (where my friend studies) and George Square."

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Student life


My support

"Everyone in the Italian department not only teach, but they truly care. They ask for feedback and they try to improve the course as much as possible, listening to students. They don’t ignore problems but try to solve them.

They truly create a sense of community and are just genuinely very nice people. They also have been very supportive on so many occasions. I think I will miss the Italian department the most when I leave the University."

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