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French and Francophone Studies

Anna Simonson talks about her experience of studying at Edinburgh and why she chose to study French and francophone studies with us.

Anna Simonson

Anna Simonson

Anna Simonson is a 3rd year student studying MA French and Spanish.

"Edinburgh is a beautiful city full of opportunities. I love its beautiful architecture, kind people and rich history."

My programme

"I chose to study French and Spanish because I love communicating with people all over the world, and this degree allows me to understand and learn about different cultures and different types of people.

Edinburgh focuses a lot on literature, which I love because I feel that the literature of a country allows you to delve into its culture and language and understand more deeply the thoughts and traditions of a population."

I love that I have the opportunity to travel within my degree, because this allows me to explore the world and find out whether living abroad is something I would be interested in doing in the future.

Anna Simonson3rd year, French and Spanish (MA Hons)

My student experience

"I love meeting new people, and university is obviously an excellent way to do this. I try to get as involved as possible in student life so that I can meet and interact with all kinds of different people. 

The thing I like most about studying at Edinburgh is also the thing I find most difficult: the opportunity to study a wide range of courses on top of your degree programme has allowed me to explore different things that I would otherwise have had very limited knowledge of, including politics and comparative literature."

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Student life


My future

"French and Spanish is perfect for my future because it keeps my options wide open: I feel like I still have many opportunities and a lot of time to decide what I would like to do with my future career.

The generality of the course allows me to specify in whatever I would like to do, including translation, volunteering, or many work opportunities."

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