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Earth Sciences

Kyle Laing talks about his experience of studying at Edinburgh and why he chose to study earth sciences with us.

Kyle Laing

Kyle Laing

Kyle Laing is a BSc (Hons) Geology and Physical Geography graduate.

"I have always enjoyed knowing how things work and appreciated nature for as long as I can remember. A geoscience degree seemed a perfect choice for me as I could combine my love of science and the Earth."

My programme

 "The most challenging part of my programme is probably the field work. It is non-stop work from the moment you wake up to the moment you go to sleep. Despite the work load, field trips are what I love most about my degree. You learn so much and it's great to use the information from the classroom in real life situations.

The friendships formed on field trips make the year group quite tightly knit compared to those of other subject areas."

I was drawn to Edinburgh because it is one of the best Universities in the world in such a great city.

Kyle LaingGraduate, Geology & Physical Geography (BSc Hons)

My student experience

"I love studying in Edinburgh. The city is small enough that you can walk to almost anywhere but has everything you'd expect a city to have; great shops, events, thriving night life and amazing landscapes. Not many cities can boast having multiple extinct volcanoes at its centre.

Being so small Edinburgh does have a feeling of safety about it which is quite comforting.

The academic side of student life is very interesting although it is the social aspect of student life that I enjoy most. There is practically an endless stream of potential friends and always something to do. There is never a dull moment!"

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Student life


My future

"The Careers Fairs put on by the University are great opportunities to find out which direction your degree may take you.

Subject specific Careers Days are the perfect way to find out what you need to do to work in a specific area or land a specific job or internship.

Edinburgh has great contacts and networks set up to aid you in taking your career in the right direction."

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