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Pedro Domingos Teixeira talks about his experience of studying at Edinburgh and why he chose to study computer science with us.

Pedro Domingos Teixeira

Pedro Domingos Teixeira

Pedro Domingos Teixeira is a 2nd year student studying BSc (Hons) Computer Science.

"There were 3 reasons why I decided to come here: it is free for EU citizens, the University is really well ranked, especially for my degree, and the city is a great place to live within the UK."

My programme

"Computer science is all about solving logical problems. I see it as a sequence of challenges I can get progressively good at breaking, and that attracts me. Besides, I have been interested in this area since I was around 12, so it was a very natural choice for me.

It was the fact that computer science is at the core of everyone’s life nowadays and that it can easily make an impact in almost any area you can imagine. This made me confident I would not risk getting into a profession I would get tired of."

Settling in

"I was looking forward to getting to study exactly what I chose and I am actually interested in, as that was not the case throughout most of high school. Additionally, I wanted to get to know like-minded people, which I definitely did, as well as moving out of my parents’ house, and all the independence that comes with that.

Before I arrived, I did a lot of research online, but I had never been to the University, nor Edinburgh, nor Scotland, when I accepted my offer. Luckily, everything turned out great!

Freshers' Week has events for everyone. I am not into clubbing and partying, but there was still plenty to experience, and have fun with."

As someone from southern Europe, I was a bit afraid of the cold climate, and not being able to adapt to the long winters, but the people and the pints made up for it!

Pedro Domingos Teixeira2nd year, Computer Science (BSc Hons)

My student experience

"Since I have always lived in my home country before, coming to Edinburgh was a great way to get to know people from all over the world!

In first year I lived in Pollock Halls and it was an amazing experience, but I am extremely happy with living in a private flat now. We've managed to divide all tasks, so everything is always clean and we have proper food every day. Everyone is impressed when I tell them this or they visit, but I’m sure you can do it too!

For part-time work, in first year I did food deliveries. This year I haven’t had the time with all the coursework, but I honestly think it is a great part-time job for students. Relatively well-paid, very flexible, and for me cycling around is even fun! I got to know the city well, even the names of the streets!

I have just applied to do my third year abroad in Singapore. If I get it, there will be a lot of excitement about what is coming. It will be the next step in reaching out of my comfort zone and exploring the world."

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Student life


My support

"Boris Grot is my favourite teacher – the man is amazing. Not only is he absolutely hilarious, passionate and entertaining, but also great at explaining complex ideas seamlessly. I have also had many outstanding tutors that I have been able to connect with and feel supported by.

To cope with challenging times, I mostly laugh it out with my friends and meditate. Fortunately, I haven’t had to face any major problems so far."

My advice to new students

"Have a minimum balance you always keep in your account for emergencies. Especially if you are an international student. For me, the money from back home takes at least a couple of days to get here, so I must be careful in that sense.

For regular budgeting I would suggest having a collaborative spreadsheet in a cloud service like Google Docs. This is what I do with my flatmates. You can introduce formulas to calculate the expected monthly expenses and track who has paid for what and what debts you have to each other. For me it works wonders!

Definitely pay attention to the Careers emails. I have been to a great event about tech interviews just this week and it was extremely helpful."

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