Undergraduate study - 2018 entry

Degree timetables

Your timetable, courses, options and specialisations will vary depending on your chosen programme.

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Your timetable will generally consist of a mixture of lectures and tutorials and, depending on your programme, lab classes, practical sessions and placements.

You will also be expected to study and read in your own time in between these classes.

The number of hours you will spend in lectures, tutorials or practicals varies. If you study some of the applied sciences, for example, the hours may be quite considerable, while in a social science course the formal teaching periods may be relatively few.

Normally, only a few hours will be spent each day in classes, and private study is the major element in the timetable.

Example timetables

These real examples of students' timetables show the breadth of study possible in our programmes.  Please note, these examples are from undergraduate students who were studying at the University in the academic year 2014-15. We cannot guarantee that the same course options will be available in subsequent years.

Humanities and social sciences

Alex Gushurst-Moore - MA (Hons) English Literature & History of Art

Alexander Wood - MA (Hons) History

Elisabeth Peterson - MA (Hons) English Literature

Ellen Carracher - MA (Hons) Psychology & Linguistics

Gabriel Bindel - MA (Hons) Psychology

Hope Cunningham - MA (Hons) International Business

Lauren Tormey - MA (Hons) Linguistics

Lucy Sichao Lou - MA (Hons) Linguistics & Social Anthropology

Martin Lam - MA (Hons) Sociology & Psychology

Rachael Smithson - MA (Hons) Philosophy & English Literature

Roslin Milne - LLB (Hons) Law

Shion Gosrani - BA (Hons) Health Studies

Sigute Venskauskaite - MA (Hons) Business Studies & Psychology

Valerie Ohm - MA (Hons) Business Management

Xin Huang - MA (Hons) Economics & Accounting

Science and engineering

Alice Baron - BSc (Hons) Evolutionary Biology

Benedetta Carbone - BSc (Hons) Molecular Genetics

Benjamin Arenas - MChem (Hons) Chemistry

Catriona Innes - MA (Hons) Mathematics

Erik Paemurru - BSc (Hons) Mathematics & Physics

Guoda Radaviciute - BSc (Hons) Biochemistry

Jenny Ridout - BSc (Hons) Geology

Juliet Thompson - MChem (Hons) Chemistry with Industrial Experience

Miranda Clarke - BSc (Hons) Molecular Genetics

Nigel Ngiam - MEng (Hons) Chemical Engineering

Nina Seale - BSc (Hons) Zoology

Oonagh Mannix - MChemPhys (Hons) Chemical Physics

Vivienne Hastie - BSc (Hons) Evolutionary Biology

Vlad Macovei - BSc (Hons) Environmental Geoscience

Medicine and veterinary medicine

Matthew Tse - MBChB Medicine

Shiau Haln Chen - BSc (Hons) Medical Sciences

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