Undergraduate study - 2025 entry
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Degree timetables

Your timetable, courses, options and specialisations will vary depending on your chosen programme.

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Your timetable will generally consist of a mixture of lectures and tutorials and, depending on your programme, lab classes, practical sessions and placements.

You will also be expected to study and read in your own time in between these classes.

The number of hours you will spend in lectures, tutorials or practicals varies.

If you study some of the applied sciences, for example, the hours may be quite considerable, while in a social science programme the formal teaching periods may be relatively few.

Normally, only a few hours will be spent each day in classes, and independent learning will be a major part of your studies.

Timetable for your programme

Use our degree finder to get an idea of what your timetable could look like. You can browse subjects and view all programme options available to you.

You will find the programme structure and a link to an overview of compulsory and optional courses in the ‘What you will study’ section. 

Degree finder

Use our degree finder to search for a programme that suits you and access programme structure to see what your timetable could look like.

Degree finder